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Esther and her young family live in the small community of Mayo, Yukon. Her family enjoys “city-time” when travelling throughout western Canada to take part in Trade Shows and Christmas Craft Shows. They also enjoy the balance of spending time at home in Mayo. Esther makes an observation about life in her small community: “There is a peacefulness here that comes from living in the middle of the Yukon wilderness with people who choose to go through life in an unhurried way.”

Old Tin Roof - Antique Tin and Copper Jewellery

Esther Winter, jewellery designer, draws inspiration for her designs from life experiences and from her surroundings in northern Canada.


Artist Background

Yukon jewellery designer, Esther Winter, has been creating hand-crafted jewellery since 1995. Her first jewellery business, Winterchild Jewellery, has become a well established jewellery line. Old Tin Roof is Esther’s “new baby”! It is an innovative concept in jewellery design marrying recycling with history resulting in the creation of beautiful, meaningful jewellery.

Winter-Sinnot Family

Creative Process

Esther uses a disc cutter or tin snips to cut out each piece of tin, the edges are then sanded and a water-based coating is applied which protects the tin and brings out the rich warm colours. To enhance the beauty of the jewellery, the tin is combined with other materials such as copper, pewter and sterling silver.

Polishing Jewellery

Applying finishing touches to jewellery.

Photo Credits:

Models - Esther Winter

Jewellery - Cliff Winter

Old Tin Roof - Recycled Antique Tin and Copper Jewellery
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